ARCHIVE - Forecast relative to the night starting on 2020/10/24 MST

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Date of figures refers to the start of night in MST.


Temporal evolution of the isoplanatic angle integrated in [dome-20000]m between the sunset and the sunrise:
Astronomical dusk and dawn are shown too.
On the x-axis is time in UT (bottom), in MST (top). Mountain Standard Time MST=UT-7. Data points frequency is 2 minutes. Data points are re-sampled at a frequency of 20 minutes after a 1-hour moving average. The error bars are the sigma over the 20 minutes sampling, computed before the moving average.

Image not found - New images coming at 21UT/14MST

Fig. 1: Temporal evolution of θ0,TOT ([dome-20km]) between the sunset and the sunrise.